Fellow SOA lover Dr. Mark Savickas


“Career is a story that people tell about the projects that occupy them.” M.L.Savickas (2013, p.653)

On July 13 I attended a training session at Foundation House featuring Career Constructivist originator Dr. Mark Savickas. CERIC brought him to Toronto and his first session sold out so quickly they added an extra day.

Dr. Savickas is the originator of Career Construction Theory and is a prolific writer. Career construction theory and practice, according to Savickas, conceives of people as storytellers and their careers as stories told.

I first saw Savickas in 1997 at NATCON conference in Ottawa and have followed his work ever since. Career construction theory incorporates and builds upon the traditions of person-environment fit emphasizing traits, lifespan development focusing on developmental tasks, and narrative traditions emphasizing life themes to create career as story.

Stay tuned for more!